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Our site has emerged as a leading off plan property information provider in Dubai. We work hard to build a lasting relationship between developers and customers which helps to secure the availability of the units before the official launch. Dubai Off Plan Projects provide a chance for everyone to become a part of the projects history.

If you are searching for projects that are under construction or if you need information about project phases and completion, we are the best place on the internet to find it all. Our new project section is the best and the perfect option for what you just need. Home to Dubai’s inclusive list of off plan real estate developments each project listing provides in detail info about live images, video gallery, location map, FAQs, fact sheet, sub communities within the projects, their features and nearby places.

Our job is to provide you with all the information that will help you to understand thoroughly about the off plan property as you progress with your home buying and investment.

Whether you are looking to expand your real estate portfolio or you are simply looking to find your ideal home, our property agents offer free advice on all Dubai off plan projects available in the market.

Our consultation services include

  • Projects recommendations
  • Investment options advice
  • Pros and cons of each recommendation
  • Payment options
  • ROI and a final shortlist of our recommendation

In a sea of off plan projects, it is confusing as an investor to understand what project would best fit you. Searching for information on each project and comparing them as well as identifying the best possible investment should be left to a professional.

Our consultants have a combined experience of 50 years in the Dubai property market, as well as on a global scale. Our emphasis is on understanding our client's objectives and purchase requirements so that we offer the best product recommendations. Our process includes:

  • Qualifying our client with a list of tailored questions aimed at understanding the client’s needs
  • Educating the client on the current availability and suitable projects
  • Our strengths lie in the fact that we are not tied to any developers therefore our consultants use their skill and experience to find the best possible investment, not the most popular.
  • This guarantees that once the deposit is paid on your property, you leave confident over your investment.